I have been traveling in Nara Prefecture.

While I traveled in the country, the most memorable thing is that I travel...

While I traveled in the country, the most memorable thing is that I traveled alone. Since I did not decide where to go, at that time I did not change the navigation so it was high, I brought a suitable clothes change and towel to the car with a road map and went out with a car. I came back to the Kansai region with a house around the San-yang direction. It took three days indeed. Meanwhile, just as I left during Obon vacation, I went out because I went out without checking the reservationless accommodation at all at the accommodation destination, so I slept in the car with a towel racket. As expected, one girl is in trouble if you are attacked while you are asleep! I thought, I went to sleep with wearing a towel to the head and sweating. ... I think now that I did not need to do that as I think now. When I went out to Yamaguchi, I was strangely cheerful by a bright little boy, did you come from Kansai? It is amazing! I will treat you with a little coffee! I had a chance to buy some coffee, and I took a valuable experience by taught me the recommended spots and recommended meals here. I want to try it again.

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