I have been traveling in Nara Prefecture.

When going on a domestic trip I will decide an inn for my home.

When going on a domestic trip I will decide an inn for my home. The point of choosing an inn is when you decide the area to go, it is to search all around the internet by internet. There are various travel sites, but when going by private car, the inn is cheaper to subscribe from the site of the hotel itself rather than go through the site naturally. Among them, aimed eyes are limited to one room per day, anniversary campaign, or inquiries with questionnaires. Particularly left in the impression is that there are one room where outside view can not be seen in the Yu Inn when doing tens of thousands of yen, there stayed at 9800 yen. There was only a high lodging indeed, and a rose flower floated in the outdoor bath, enjoying the rose bath for the first time. In addition, the chef's proud cuisine was served in the inn with a questionnaire, and I usually stayed at 9800 yen at tens of thousands of yen. It was truly amazing that there was only a high-priced inn, the cuisine was luxurious and steaks so soft that I thought that there was such delicious meat. Ryokan which I usually stay is choosing less than 10,000 yen, but I do not go out surprisingly and I am learning every time that it is wise to use things that are cheap because they are cheap rather than bad.

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