I have been traveling in Nara Prefecture.

I like domestic travel very much.

I like domestic travel very much. Especially my favorite domestic travel destination is Hokkaido. I like Hokkaido very differently and very beautiful. If Kuniyuki shakes, I like it quite a different world. The snow festival is very beautiful and gorgeous and I like it very much. I have many different stores and I like the festival's mood very well. So I will go to winter if I go to Hokkaido. If that snow 's amazing kanji is there, it is very beautiful and I like it quite a lot. I think that snow is the fascination of Hokkaido. Another one of it has the charm of Hokkaido. It is food. Because Hokkaido is cool, many things are very delicious. I think that the deliciousness of dairy products, in particular, is the best. Even if you eat anything in dairy products it is very tasty. It is unfortunate that the usual things are not very tasty and felt. So I decide to go to Hokkaido if I have my free time. I do not like foreign countries so much.

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